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We are El Paso Business Strong

It’s A Time Unlike Any Other.

Our economy has been put to the test. But El Pasoans and our businesses are strong. Welcome to a community of businesses committed to surviving together.

How to reduce the risk for my employees and customers

It’s impossible to create an environment which is 100% safe. However, there are steps you can take to reduce the risk.

Where can I locate PPE?

Dozens of El Paso businesses are providing personal protective equipment (PPE) to their employees to help slow the spread of COVID-19. Sourcing it can be difficult. The Medical Center of the Americas is curating an up-to-date list of vendors providing PPE.

What business owners need to know about COVID-19 testing

Employers can assist in preventing and slowing the spread of COVID-19 while re-opening and sustaining services during the ongoing COVID-19 response. A comprehensive business response plan to COVID-19 should be specific to your workplace, identify all work areas and tasks that may provide potential exposure to COVID-19, and include control measures to eliminate or reduce exposures to COVID-19. Your plan should routinely take into account the level of disease transmission within the community, and be revised as needed, including discussing any changes to your plan with your employees.

Best Practices & FAQs?

Business owners and operators continue to be faced with unanticipated questions and unfamiliar terminology. This section contains information on what these terms mean and provides answers to many frequently asked questions.

Where can I source materials locally? (pizza boxes...)

UTEP's COVID-19 Dashboard displays the manufacturing capabilities of El Paso, providing a centralized information source for stakeholders, businesses, and communities to identify and locate local manufacturers providing PPE and other critical resources.