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2TEN Coffee Roasters

Whether you’re a java junkie, appreciate your coffee plain or simply like the occasional cup, 2Ten Coffee Roasters roasts coffee beans to perk up El Pasoans each morning. 

Steven Svoboda, owner of 2Ten, started selling coffee door-to-door in 2010 under the name Bear Creek. He was operating out of a small office space on Mesa Street and had amassed a large clientele, even selling to Walgreens, their biggest customer at the time.

Svoboda decided it was time to expand the company so that he could have greater control of his product. He began importing and roasting his own coffee and soon bought a small roaster in Anthony, Texas.

Unfortunately, the roaster was destroyed in a fire. “We lost everything,” says Svoboda, who moved operations to his garage.

It was around this time that the name of the company changed from Bear Creek Coffee to 2Ten Coffee Roasters.

“The name 2Ten comes from the temperature reading of the water poured into a pour over,” explains Svoboda. “Water boils at approximately 212 degrees Fahrenheit, so 210 degrees Fahrenheit is the temperature of the water coming right off the boil.”

To ensure he has the highest quality beans, Svoboda says he’s very selective about which importers he works with. Once the coffee beans arrive, 2Ten Coffee Roasters begins the meticulous process of roasting.

2Ten then sample roasts a few beans so they know the appropriate conditions to roast the full batch. Once these conditions are calculated, a recipe is chosen for the batch.

“It’s a delicate process, but can be honed like any other craft,” says Svoboda.

The roasters offer single-origin coffee — such as Guatemala Chicchujau, described as a medium roast with notes of cherry, chocolate and caramel — as well as blends such as Maravilla Espresso, which has a fruity and chocolatey profile. 2Ten also sells coffee wholesale to local businesses and some in Southern New Mexico too.

Visit one of 2Ten Coffee Roasters’ locations to taste the difference that local roasting makes in your daily cup of Joe.



CAFE / Mon – Sun : 8am – 9pm

**PATIO BAR** / Wed – Fri : 3 pm – 9pm / Sat – Sun : 11am – 9pm        




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