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Eve’s PawCakes

What do you do when your pup’s pancreatitis prevents them from enjoying store-bought treats? You make your own healthy, tasty treats!

That’s what Eva Ramirez did for her dog, Rousey. Soon after she started baking the treats came an abundance of requests for her homemade goodies and Eve’s PawCakes was created.

“Eve’s PawCakes is a modern-day organic bakery. We’re an e-commerce online shop and we are eco-friendly,” Ramirez says. “So all our ingredients are organic and they are freshly made to order.”

Ramirez has a catering background and seamlessly transitioned into making healthy dog treats. Eve’s PawCakes offers various options, such as cakes, donuts, pretzels, and special holiday meals.

Eve’s PawCakes stands out for its unique menu: every item is named after a pup that suggested it. Ramirez has encountered many pet owners like herself who desire healthier dog treats for their furry friends. When a recipe is perfected, it’s added to the full pet menu.

Ramirez says it’s important to pick the right ingredients when baking a cake specially made for canines. To make the Titus cake, for example, you’ll need squash, applesauce, rice flour, and egg whites. It’s worth mentioning that she uses applesauce as a substitute for oil.

Like the cakes, Ramirez’s frostings must be safe for dogs. Hers consists of two ingredients — sweet potato and soft Greek yogurt. Once the cake is out of the oven and has cooled for about 10 minutes, she’ll frost the two-layer six-inch cakes. After a cake is frosted, Ramirez adds another homemade treat as a cake topper. The fewer unnecessary ingredients, the better. The cake is refrigerated before she packs it and delivers it to the customer.

Eve’s PawCakes is a family-owned business that operates from Ramirez’s home. Her daughter and husband assist her with orders, and her sister now makes pawcakes in Arizona. The Ramirez family actively supports the animal community in El Paso by raising money for the Animal Rescue League and other local animal shelters.



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