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In Bloom

Four years ago, Cynthia Chavira began making products for her and her son that would work on their psoriasis-prone skin. Now her idea has turned into a full-time job helping El Pasoans and those in the Borderland with grooming products that are clean and healthy at her Eastside El Paso shop, In Bloom.

“We pride ourselves in making products that are not only eco-conscious but also made with ingredients that are ethically sourced,” said Chavira. 

Among In Bloom’s top-selling products are tea tree oil shampoo bars. A shampoo bar differs from shampoo in a bottle but works similarly. Each bar can last up to 65 washes. The shampoo bars made by In Bloom are unique in that instead of soap, the bars are made with an emulsifier to clean hair strands and the scalp by allowing oils and water to mix. As the shampoo bar’s lather is rinsed off, all the dirt and oils in the hair and scalp are removed.

The advantage of using a shampoo bar is that In Bloom ensures the ingredients are healthy and pH balanced without silicones or waxes. They won’t leave hair grungy or dry and they come in a variety of scents and formulas that each benefit hair types differently.

Making one of In Bloom’s most popular shampoo bars, Tea Tree Oil Shampoo bars, is easier than one might think. Chavira will start by mixing coconut oil with a conditioning agent. Then the main ingredient, sodium cocoyl isethionate, an ingredient derived from coconut that is a surfactant that’s great for all hair types, is mixed with other beneficial ingredients (it’s a secret sauce). Nothing unnecessary is added to the mix, Chavira says.

After combining the dry ingredients, Chavira will add the melted ingredients from the first step. Next, she will measure the amount needed and mold the shampoo bars using a 3-D-printed mold. Once set, the bars are packaged for sale. The entire process of making one shampoo bar takes between 10 and 15 minutes.

In addition to shampoo bars, In Bloom offers a wide variety of other handmade items. In Bloom sells bath bombs, shampoo bars, soaps, soy candles, and lotions, along with up to 20 local vendors ranging from clothing items and jewelry to other accessories. If you find yourself in El Paso’s Eastside near Rojas, be sure to check out In Bloom.



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