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Junes Bags

“I love your bag!”

It’s not uncommon to hear this phrase when toting around Junes Bags, locally made bags that you can use for shopping or simply for carrying around lots of stuff. You might mention to people how durable, breathable or reusable your bag is, but you will also mention how proud you are to share the difference your purchase makes in our community.

Junes Bags was founded by Janean Mann who, after a sewing class in New York City, decided on developing a bag for the everyday person that would be as efficient and strong as it is socially responsible. She knew if she could develop a reusable bag for people to go to the beach, grocery store or on trips, and feel stylish carrying around, innumerable single-use plastic bags would be kept out of landfills and the sea.

Soon after, Mann explored her options and found herself in a fabric store in Ciudad Juarez. She was struck by the number of posters and signs up for missing women and girls. At that moment, Mann decided the company she was about to start would employ women in Juarez in an effort to provide them stable employment.

Junes Bags developed and launched a sustainable fabric, made from plastic water bottles and a CiCLO additive, that would begin breaking down under high levels of heat, moisture and pressure, like the conditions of a landfill or open water. Junes Bags were designed to completely disintegrate within three to five years, leaving no lasting damage or harm to our ecosystems.

With these two missions, Junes Bags has surged in the El Paso market and beyond. In 2019, The New York Times Wirecutter team hailed Junes Bags as one of the best reusable products to help reduce plastic waste. Junes Bags are even sold on popular clothing brand Madewell’s online marketplace.

And why not? The business bases all of its bags’ designs on the top style and fashion trends, so customers know they’ll always have fresh looks to choose from. Junes Bags carries a large variety of designs, with many different patterns and colors, and are sure to be a conversation starter wherever you take them.

Be sure to visit Junes Bags’ website,, to shop for the bag that gives back to women and the planet.



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