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Buy Local Marketing Initiative Better Business Bureau El Paso

The “Buy El Paso” marketing initiative will promote and boost local businesses that have been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The program will encourage more El Pasoans to shop these businesses and promote public health by putting a focus on local businesses seeking to operate and reopen safely.
Follow the “Buy El Paso” FacebookInstagram, and Twitter pages for information and updates on how to support El Paso Businesses.

Sun City Safe Program

The Sun City Safe program is part of the City of El Paso’s commitment to helping the local community by promoting the safe operations of businesses, as well as providing relief from quarantine stress by offering usable outdoor space for increasing capacity and exercise or commuting space for residents. The program will allow applicants to obtain a permit to use the Right-Of-Way or the parking lots on their property for safe outdoor use of either extensions of their businesses, or as added exercise, recreational or commuting space.  The Permit is at no cost, and the City offers traffic control inventory to set up on the ROW for safe deployment of the different program permit types.

This is the City of El Paso’s COVID-19 vaccine homepage. The Department of Public Health is overseeing the communitywide public vaccine rollout

This is El Paso County’s online homepage for ways you can Reduce the Risk of spreading COVID-19 and suffering from other negative health, social and economic impacts.

e- Commerce Essentials Series

Spectrum Technologies is an El Paso based technology company. As part of the El Paso Business Strong campaign, they’ve created free Webinars on how technology can help your business through the pandemic including how to set up digital gift cards, digital advertising and how to leverage social media for your business.

Microsoft Learning Paths

Project Vida begins with the understanding that communities, like people, are living organisms. Children and adults, businesses and schools, churches and public systems interact to form an identity and a lifestyle. Project Vida takes seriously the life of the community and the individual as a whole. The organization hosted a series of bilingual webinars explaining how social media, search engine optimization and digital marketing can help your business recover from COVID-19.

Microsoft Learning Paths

Microsoft has provided updated information on some of the ways technology can help businesses and employees adapt to the economic realities brought on by the pandemic.

Local Resources

As a business owner, you can take shopping local even further than the average consumer. By locally sourcing the materials you need to keep your business running, you’re amplifying your impact in our region’s economy. Click here to visit UTEP’s Center for Advanced Manufacturing has created a dashboard of local manufacturers which might have items you can source locally to help run your business.

If you do not find what you are looking for, let us know and we will try to find a local source for the product.