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Blazing Tree Brewery

Brewing beer is unique; it is an art. You can make the recipe unique, mix anything you want and call it your own. And that’s just what Adrian Gomez and his friends did when they created Blazing Tree Brewery.

Gomez and his friends took their hobby of brewing unique beer flavors from their garage to a fully operational brewery: Blazing Tree Brewery, which has been open to the public for five years — and 10 years after the idea to start brewing beer began.

Fortunately, Gomez’s business partner and friend already had a space available for them. After transitioning from their garage to their new location, they got their license and started brewing beer. Every square inch of the brewery has been built by them, including their bar, which reflects their hard work and their personalities.

Gomez says they strive to make the most unique beers in the Borderland. They aren’t afraid to experiment and see what they can come up with. Their Peanut Butter Ale is one of their most popular beers. With the malty flavors in the background, this brown ale tastes almost like peanut butter cereal. The ale has been on the menu since they began brewing beer.

“It’s a basic brown ale. Our idea was, ‘why get a brown ale you can get at almost every other brewery? Let’s do something unique,’” says Gomez. They decided to add a jar of peanut butter to see what would happen.

Because peanut butter is oily, it took many trials to create the perfect batch. After experimenting with powdered, natural, and organic peanut butter, Gomez found that Jif Peanut Butter worked best.

Gomez is one of three owners and friends who started Blazing Tree Brewery six years ago. They all grew up in El Paso’s Lower Valley, and there is a strong influence of El Paso culture on their menu. Gomez and his partners try to include local ingredients in their beers whenever possible. For example, pecans for their Pecan Porter are sourced from Horizon City and Clint, Texas.

“I encourage people to come out to local breweries, as local is where it is at. It’s going to help our economy grow,” he says.

Blazing Tree Brewery has won numerous awards for its beers. They have  won three U.S. Open Medals for Northern Lights, Big Poppa, and Pecan Porter brews.



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