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Shappy Apple Creations

Shabby Apple Creations was launched in March 2020 by Stephanie Hartzell. Due to the
pandemic, she was able to operate her business from home and keep it running. As restrictions eased a year later, Hartzell decided to expand by selling her creations in local shops around El Paso. She was fortunate to find a turn-key shop when a business was closing, allowing her to open her doors to the public.

Hartzell got the idea for Shabby Apple Creations when neighbors and friends began asking her to create porch signs and wreaths similar to the ones she posted on her personal Facebook. Hartzell’s specialty is laser cutting on wood and acrylic. She sources her wood locally from Dakota Hardwoods, using mostly walnut, Shepley, and baltic birch for her wooden items. Some of her creations require an acrylic overlay made from pattern ply, a printed acrylic from North Carolina.

El Paso continues to be a welcoming home for new small business owners. “I enjoy how passionate people are here about supporting local business,” said Hartzell.

Hartzell’s customers quickly became a small community that enjoys helping each other out. She shared an experience of meeting a customer who managed an adult daycare. The daycare was organizing a food drive, and Shabby Apple Creations partnered with them to host a successful event. As a result, the daycare manager always recommended Hartzell’s creations to others.

Business owners often take pleasure in seeing their work come to fruition, and Hartzell is no exception. She also takes delight in witnessing the satisfaction of her customers when their orders are exactly what they envisioned.’

“There’s really not a whole lot that I can’t do. I can’t cut metal, but I can engrave on metal,” said Hartzell. At Shabby Apple Creations, aside from the products in inventory, they do take custom orders. “It can be anything you want on there, from a logo to a custom saying on it.”

If you are interested in placing an order with Shabby Apple Creations, you can visit them online and follow them on Instagram and Facebook.



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